About US

Whenever it comes to sealing technology,
We are your most versatile partner.

At Seal Well, we offer you

  • Sealing solutions tailored to your specifications
  • Partnerships from design phase to serial production
  • Just-in-time manufacturing of seals and components up to 4000 mm diameter
  • Production of gaskets in miscellaneous materials by water edge cutting technology
  • Production of Advanced Engineering Plastic products

We have on one of the most sophisticated technical know how in the field of Seal manufacturing as we are partnered with M/s. Economos, the pioneer sin the field. M/s. Economos is an ISO 9001 certified company based in Austria.

We have installed the new generation Seal Jet IP 4000 computer controlled machine at our Bangalore, India, factory through which we produce CNC machined seals for hydraulic, pneumatic application up to 250 mm O. D.

Bigger seals up to 4000 mm are made available by our Principals. The seals are well popular in its brand name "Seal jet".



It is at the core of everything we do. Production breakdowns due to sealing problems can cause huge loses. Therefore, we make every effort to deliver high quality sealing products that meet our customer's need.

At Seal well we are constantly striving to enforce and improve our Quality standards, since our customers demand the highest quality sealing solutions to compete in their highly competitive markets and thereby gain a competitive edge on their competitors.

Superior Manufacturing Concept

At Seal Well we know that only state of the art technology can provide us with an edge on our competitors. A rapidly changing environment demand new production concepts that surpass our customer's requirements such as:

  • Delivery on demand with short cycle times.
  • No mould or tooling limitations
  • No stock requirements for our customers
  • Seal engineering to customer specification

To face this challenge, we follow the Seal Jet System to manufacture seal with cutting edge CNC turning technology to satisfy the very specific needs of every customer in every industry.

A partner to share your vision

Wherever sealing is an issue, that's where we do our business. At Seal Well, we offer innovative sealing solutions that make us the first call when it comes to sealing technology. We provide a comprehensive technical service and are committed to supply a complete sealing solutions best suited to our customers' needs.

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